Owner Relinquish Form


Owner Relinquish Form 

Our Policy 

At Wisconsin Cocker Rescue, we feel it is extremely important for Cockers to remain in their original homes if at all possible. To facilitate this, we spend time with owners trying to help them resolve their Cocker's problems. 

However, when all else fails certain circumstances dictate that an owner must relinquish the Cocker. The following are WCR's requirements to accepting these dogs:

1. Please fill out and submit our Owner Relinquish form. 

2. If we accept your Cocker into our program, we will set up a schedule with you to get the dog. 

3. At the time a Cocker is relinquished to us, we require

(a) a minimum donation of $50.00 for each Cocker relinquished;

(b) a copy of all vet records including proof of spay/neuter;

(c) that all AKC (or other registrations) records must be signed over to WCR; and 

(d) that owners execute a legal document officially relinquishing their dog to Wisconsin Cocker Rescue. 

Please completely answer ALL questions. If a question does not apply please type N/A.

Wisconsin Cocker Rescue Owners Relinquish Form 

If you have a photo of your Cocker, please email it separately to wicockerrescue@juno.com 

If your application is received, you will receive an email response within 24 hours. 

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