How Garmin Collar Saved My Cocker Spaniel

Garmin is probably the most famous brand when it comes to GPS and tracking devices. Did you know they took care of dogs too? That’s right, Garmin has a big selection of GPS collars on the market for different purposes. In fact, Astro® 900 model basically saved life of my Cocker Spaniel

You know Cocker Spaniels, when they are off leash they run like crazy and I almost lost mine but Garmin Astro® 900 helped my to find my dog in the forest. She almost got into fight with a bear!!!

This is a perfect tracking device for your dog in USA and Canada.

With quicker 2.5-second area refreshes and the ability to catch up to 20 pooches (T 9 gadgets sold independently or as a group), Astro 900 is a handheld powerhouse of canine following execution. Natural and simple to utilize, Astro 900 highlights a dynamic 2.6″ shading show, preloaded TOPO mapping for the U.S. what’s more, southern Canada, a discretionary in-unit battery-powered battery and Hunt Metrics information to help break down your pooch’s following propensities in the field, so you can realize how to prepare all the more adequately.

Utilizing our T 9 neckline gadget (sold independently or as a pack) to transmit each pooch’s area as frequently as each 2.5 seconds, Astro 900 rushes to pinpoint the track they’re following — in any event, when they’re on the run. On the Astro gadget’s brilliant, fresh showcase, you can see your canine’s present area and a path of where he’s been. You likewise can switch over to the Dog Track page to see a compass highlighting your pooch’s area. For help in keeping the comprehensive view in sight when following different canines, it’s anything but difficult to auto zoom the guide page, so all mutts can be seen on the showcase whenever. Canines that are excessively far away to fit on the guide’s present zoom scale can be recorded on the showcase’s edge toward the pooch’s area. To lessen visual mess on the guide, you can flip between “show all,” “show a few” and “show none” — choosing the length that each canine’s track is visible on the presentation. You can likewise share a canine’s track code so someone else can see your pooch’s area on their unit’s guide, alongside the pooch following compass. Further, by sharing a canine’s control code, you can permit someone else to design and control your pooch’s on-neckline gadget.

Refined Hunt Metrics information helps screen your canine’s chasing examples and practices to improve your preparation openings. You can see your canine’s occasions, separations voyaged and in general scores. Besides, Astro 900 will likewise catch the occasions during the chase when an “on point” or “treed” occasion was demonstrated.

Burden your PC with BaseStation programming to transform it into a field control place for following various pooches (outfitted with T 9). View ongoing GPS data on the bigger showcase of your PC, making it perfect for canine hunt and salvage groups. Furthermore, on the grounds that it’s GPS and GLONASS skilled, you’ll get following, even where web and wireless help isn’t accessible.